Frederic Chopin Edition Vol. 4 – Etudes

Frederic Chopin Edition Vol. 4 – Etudes

 width= Etudes op. 10 & op. 25, Trois nouvelle Etudes


“Crossing the Rubicon from pragmatism to poetry and transforming each study into a tone-poem of the highest quality is a supreme test of musicianship, and although Mursky is able he is rarely remarkable.” – Gramophone Magazine

Audio/mp3 examples from this album:
Etude in C, op.10 No.1
Etude in E, op.10 No.3
Etude in c minor, op.10. No.12 
Etude in g-sharp minor, op.25 No.6
Etude in a minor, op.25 No.11

Profil/Edition Guenter Haenssler 2006

Photo: Ruediger Schestag