“Mursky had shown himself to be an artist of potentially wonderful talent. His playing of Haydn’s Sonata was magical.”

The Daily Telegraph, London

“Each idea and each section was characterised via distinctive tone and pacing, and when ideas and sections merged they could do so with breathtaking subtlety.”

The Irish Times, Dublin

“His powers of interpretation are full of mature poetry… presented witn a unique creative passion.”

Delo, Ljubljana

“Mursky’s Tchaikovsky crackled with a high-voltage energy the authority of his opening, and the flashing clarity of his octaves…”

The Times, London

“To hear him in Rachmaninoff’s Concerto in c (with Royal Philharmonic under Niklas Willén) was a pure joy: an extensive virtuosity, no boost but full power, no hard-boiled sensuality but a dense lyricism growing into the most organic discharges.”

Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm

“While the Russian pianist can fire out semiquavers with mind blurring speed and accuracy, it was a performance that went beyond vertiginous velocity. An espressivo theme was an elegantly voiced nod to Rachmaninov, against sighs of muted strings. Stier fashioned the second movement as a showcase for the piquant, chiseled woodwind playing that was the order of the evening; later, a rapturous nocturne had Mursky soaring effortlessly above the orchestra.”

New Zealand Herald, Auckland