Frederic Chopin Edition Vol. 6 – Nocturnes

Frederic Chopin Edition Vol. 6 – Nocturnes

19 Nocturnes


“The question of the correct dosage is certainly the most delicate, especially in the Chopin playing. Is it about feeling reinforcement, demonstration of expressive qualities? How quickly does such a spinned, self-centering nocturne, such as the well-known and most popular in C sharp minor, op. posth, to the proximity of “Salonkitsch”! And how fragile it can sound, if the same means are applied sparingly and purposefully, each subject to the rhetoric of a phrase. This quality not only distinguishes the playing of Nelson Freires, they are also impressively presented by Eugène Mursky” – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“For stimulation and a beautiful realization of an aesthetic judgment, this set is highly recommended” – Fanfare Magazine

Audio/mp3 examples from this album in full lenght:

Nocturne in b-flat minor, op.9 Nr.1 Nocturne b-moll
Nocturne in G, op.37 Nr.2 Nocturne G-Dur
Nocturne in c minor, op.48 Nr.1 Nocturne c-moll, Op.48 Nr.1

Profil/Edition Günter Hänssler 2009

Photo: Ruediger Schestag